Just as Kikuyu is used for very high traffic and usage areas in the community due to its fast repair capabilities, this is also the same main reason that many homeowners also choose a Kikuyu lawn.

Having busy kids playing cricket or slip and slide in the summer in the backyard, or active dogs which run amok 7 days a week, nothing will beat Kikuyu for how it can repair itself from damage at the fastest speed. Indeed, Kikuyu can keep up with the busiest of backyards.
Other people will also like Kikuyu for its soft leaf, which also makes for an overall soft lawn, or for its bright green colour. Which when cared for properly, and mowed properly and regularly, can make for a beautiful lawn.

Just as this grass is very quick to repair, this is due to the fast growing nature of Kikuyu, this will also mean more lawn mowing than for some other grass types that are available as home lawns. However, if you do find your Kikuyu lawn growing too fast for your liking, then reducing watering and fertilizing a little – will also help to reduce this same growth rate.

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