Wintergreen Couch

Wintergreen is a versitile fast growing turf suitable for all areas

Wintergreen Couch Characteristics:
· Durable and robust – withstands heavy wear due to fast growth

· High maintenance, invasive grass with prolific seed head

· Excellent cold and frost tolerance, making it ideal for a wide range of conditions

· Requires about 7 hours of direct sunlight a day

· Tolerates a wide range of soils and readily adapts to different environments

· As per water restrictions: (Optimum watering every 2-3 days).

· Use of Biagra would retain additional moisture down in the root zone.
Infrequent, deep watering promotes a healthy lawn. 
Wintergreen Couch is ideal for:

· Areas that receive a great amount of wear and tear from traffic

· Sporting surfaces where it has been the variety used for over 20 years

· Council footpaths, walkways and easements

If you’d like more information about this turf or any of our other varieties please let us know.

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