For Pre-Plant or Top-Dressing Palmetto Underlay and Lawn Reviver is an excellent way to keep your Palmetto Buffalo looking it’s best and able to withstand periods of low watering.

Each 30 litre bag covers approximately 10m2


Our organic fertilisers naturally develops the soil providing a bank of nutrients at the root zone during turf development

25kg bag covers approximately 250m2


Bi-Agra is not a wetting agent, it’s a Moisture Retaining Aid and stores moisture around the root zone and makes it available to your lawn. It’s unique bi-active formula provides both outstanding penetration along with superior moisture retention.

Bi-Agras strength is it’s ability to retain additional moisture in normally low water-retaining root zones.

Bi-Agra is a totally new chemistry that is

* Non burning at recommended rates and does not need immediate watering in.

* Retains up to 5 times the normal amount of moisture held in the root zone at field capacity (research carried out by Sportsturf Technology).

* Is 100% active ingredient and does not contain fillers.

* Unlike polyacrylamides which hold water tightly, Bi-Agra holds moisture in the soil, yet allows water availability through the normal process of osmosis as required by the roots.

Palmetto Fertiliser Bucket

Palmetto Slow Release. Premium Lawn Fertiliser is specially formulated by leading turf growers for WA soils and conditions. For a beautiful green, healthy lawn, all year round.

10litre covers approximately 450m2

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